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Youth Neuroscience 2023

The Youth Neuroscience Summer Program is an intensive, month-long neuroscience summer program hosted by the International Youth Neuroscience Association that teaches undergraduate introductory neuroscience from a critical thinking and applications standpoint. The program features lectures by esteemed professors and researchers, recitation sessions with teaching assistants, and application based assignments. A thorough description of the program is given in the following video. 






The deadline to apply for Youth Neuroscience 2023 has passed. If you are interested in applying, check back again next April! If you have any questions, please check out the FAQs or email

Testimonials from Past Students

LaurenKim_IYNAHeadshot (1).png

Lauren Kim, Youth Neuroscience 2022

"I loved Youth Neuroscience 2022 because of how challenging but supportive it was. I had no previous exposure or exploration when I first entered the course, but the weekly TA sessions were such a huge help in bonding with fellow students and learning the material on a deeper level."

Andrew Mi.JPEG

Andrew Mi, Youth Neuroscience 2022

"My favorite part of the program was the culminating capstone project. It allowed me to begin to explore literature and start to understand research. The project took much effort, but it was extremely rewarding to be able to present my knowledge of research being done in the field. Each part of the program was well thought out, and I’m glad I spent part of my summer learning neuroscience with Youth Neuroscience 2022."

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