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Volunteer for the IYNA

The IYNA is looking to onboard 10 volunteers for a month-long trial period with the goal of hiring 10 contracted volunteers. Volunteers during the trial period will be put on projects for Youth Neuroscience Summer Program (2), Brain Bee Series (2), Neurosurgery Events (3), marketing (2), or partnership development (1) depending on their interest, skill set, and availability. Please note that all volunteer positions require 3-4 hours a week of work, and require no hard neuroscience knowledge as they simply involve managerial, logistical tasks. A brief description of each volunteer role follows: 


  • Youth Neuroscience Summer Program: Assist with tasks relevant to successfully running the 2023 summer program (e.g. plan student final capstone projects, coordinate content creation for lectures, recruit lecturers, assist students, moderate lecturers, etc.) [Find out more]

  • Brain Bee Series: Spearhead the 2023 IYNA Brain Bee Series, leading and innovating bootcamps and workshops to assist with the regional, national, and international competition over the course of the year. [Find out more]

  • Neurosurgery Series: Spearhead the 2023 IYNA Neurosurgery Series, leading and innovating interactive neurosurgery webinars, workshops, and possibly competitions over the year’s span. [Find out more]

  • Marketing: Run advertising for all IYNA events (webinars, summer program, bootcamps, IYNA-INS essay contest, etc.), adopting and innovating marketing and branding strategies. [Find out more]

  • Partnership Development: Spearhead, maintain, and develop all partnerships with the IYNA. [Find out more]

  • Content Developer: Works with the head of Youth Neuroscience (our annual summer program) to develop content for the program. This entails working on our lecture slides, problem sets, and recitation slides. Applicants for this position must be upper level undergraduate students or higher. Graduate students are ideal candidates for this position. This position is also paid hourly. If hired for this position, you will be expected work for 2 hours a week for 4 months, and you will be compensated $20.00/hour. This is subject to change. Hiring for this position is also on a rolling basis – the application will close when we find the perfect candidate, and it will be open until then! [Find out more]


Subsequent to providing preliminary standard information in the application, all applicants will be asked to answer mandatory questions. Then, you will rank your position choices and complete the relevant supplements found in the application. 


Please make special note of the requirements highlighted in the questions. Not following instructions will result in disqualification of your application (e.g. not respecting video time limits, word limits, etc.). You are also encouraged to be specific and genuine in your responses. 


Please submit this completed form by April 1st, 2023 at 11:59pm ET. Note that all positions are unpaid volunteer positions except for the content developer position. The content developer position is rolling, and it is paid. For rates, see the position description.

(Feel free to reach out to or our Discord server ( with any questions regarding the application.)

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