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Journal Submissions

Q1: What is the application process? 

A: The application for this program launches on November 1st and is due January 1st. Students who have been selected for an interview will be notified by February 1st. Select students will be invited for an interview during the month of February. Notices of acceptance or rejection will be sent out by March 17th. Students must confirm participation in the program and submit initial registration materials by April 1st (second round of materials to be submitted later). 


Q2: When is the program? 

A: July 3rd - August 4th. 


Q3: When will I be notified of the results? 

A: See answer to “Q1: What is the application process?”.


Q4: Is there a cap on how many people will be accepted? 

A: No. We also will not accept students who we don’t think are a good fit, so regardless of if there are thousands of applications or five applicants, your chances are the same, and your competition is yourself. 


Q5: What if English isn’t my native language? 

A: This is okay, but please note that lectures WILL NOT be translated, and recitations will be conducted in English. You are required to participate in homework sessions, recitations, etc. which will only be possible if your english is proficient. Your interviewer will note if your English level is significantly impairing peer-to-peer interaction, and this will likely result in rejection, as this is a collaborative program. Thus, we recommend only applying to this program if your spoken and written English is proficient. 


Q6: Who should I ask to write my letter of recommendation?

A: The recommendation requirement has been lifted, students are no longer required to submit one.


Q7: Where can I find out more? 

A: Visit our website at or email with specific questions. Questions that are answered clearly in this document will be ignored. 

On this page, you will find a PDF containing the IYNA Journal Format Guidelines, Editing Guidelines, and a detailed description of our six step submission process. At the bottom of the page, you will find a button that allows you to submit an article to our journal.

1. Write and Submit:

Write your article on a neuroscience-related topic of your choosing. Articles should be based on reliable primary and secondary sources (Wikipedia and similar sources are not acceptable). We recommend using Pubmed to find sources. Please make sure you read the editing process below carefully. Gross deviations from the IYNA Editing and Formatting Guidelines will result in the automatic rejection of a submitted article. However, you are always welcome to make changes to a rejected article and resubmit for further consideration.


2. Format Round 1: 

Your article will be reviewed by our Managing Editor who will review the article within 2-4 weeks of receiving it and ensure that it follows the IYNA Formatting and Editorial Guidelines. Your article will be returned to you so that you can make edits accordingly. 

3. Format Round 2: 

Your article will be reviewed by our Managing Editor who again will, within 2-4 weeks of receiving the article, review it and ensure that it follows the IYNA Formatting and Editorial Guidelines.

4. Editing Round 1: 

Your article will be reviewed by a senior editor and 2 junior editors, who will review the article within 2-4 weeks in accordance with the IYNA Formatting and Editorial Guidelines.​ Your article will be returned to you so that you can make edits accordingly. 

5. Editing Round 2: 

When received with your improvements, the article will enter its final round of revision and be edited by another team of 1 senior editor and 1 junior editor, who will put the final touches on the article within 2-4 weeks. In some cases, the article may be sent back to you again.​

6. Compilation and Publication: 

Finally, our journal leadership team will compile usually 10 articles (with related pages) of the to-be-published issue into one document to be later uploaded onto the IYNA Journal website. Typical timeline length of an article to be published varies but average time is 3-6 months.

Format and Editing Guidelines

Submission Process


Now that you have carefully read the IYNA Journal Format Guidelines as well as understood our six step submission process, what is left to do is write your article and submit. To submit an article, click the button below.

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