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Mandatory Questions

Parental Consent (if under 18) for uploading 1-2 minute video. 

Upload Document
How did you hear about this position?

Please upload a 1-2 minute video discussing why you want to be a part of the IYNA. Applicants are HIGHLY encouraged to reach out to current volunteers to learn about the culture of the organization and the work we do. Well researched answers will be highly considered. Staff names, roles, and Discord usernames are as follows: *

  • Khayla Black, Executive Director, khaylablack#4010

  • Brian Lee, Board Chair, brinle#5025

  • Shrika Vejandla, Operations Head, shrika.v#1979

  • Sofia Fothergill, Social Media Manager, sofi_fx#8816

  • Jiya Mody, Brain Bee Bootcamp Volunteer, hulk#2715

  • Eve Harrison, Youth Neuroscience Volunteer, EHarrison#2253

  • Nada Ibrahim, Youth Neuroscience Volunteer, Nada Ibrahim#1915

  • Sana Vasebi, Youth Neuroscience Volunteer, Sana#2031

Upload Video

1. Please upload a one page, single-spaced Times New Roman size 11 font, well-organized document detailing a plan for a webinar on Higher Education in Neuroscience. You are free to get creative with this idea – the prompt is intentionally broad. You must include 3 professional speakers, and plan to have 150 attendees from at least 30 countries. Creativity is highly appreciated. Draft a detailed plan, and do not execute any of the specified steps. Content developers applicants are exempt from this question (do not upload anything).

Upload Document

2. Please provide three specific ideas that you would like to see executed by the IYNA, ranging from a small to large scale. For example, “I’d like the IYNA to organize a conference on the neural correlates of consciousness for youth” and “I’d like the IYNA to launch a video series on spinal cord injury on TikTok” are equally valid ideas. You should explain the ideas and how they would be launched in no more than 3 sentences each. You are encouraged to figure out what the IYNA has done so far, as novel ideas will be favored. Your response to this question will be evaluated based on creativity, practicality, and demonstration of knowledge about the organization. (Max. 300 words) *

3. Please state, in order, the positions you are applying for according to your preference. Please use the following format: 1) Marketing 2) Partnership Development 3) Content developer …… *

6. What has your involvement with the IYNA been? If you are not a part of the IYNA, please describe your involvement in any other non-profit work, policy development, miscellaneous initiatives, etc. that you have partaken in or currently engage in. Please outline your tasks and personal growth in the position. (Max. 250 words) *

Supplementary Questions


1. Use canva to create two advertising materials (one Instagram post, one general flyer to be circulated on LinkedIn) for the webinar you were asked to create an outline document for previously in this application. Our color palette hex codes are as follows: #BEE9E8, #62B6CB, #1B4965, #CAE9FF, #SFA8D3. Please upload the two materials.

Upload Advetisements

Youth Neuroscience, Neurosurgery Series, AND/OR Brain Bee Series Volunteers: 

Please note that these positions are distinct, but they have the same supplementary materials since they require the same general skill set. You only need to complete this once even if you are applying for several of these positions.

3. Hypothetical: You are running the IYNA Neurosurgery Series this year. Please outline 3 events/initiatives for the year to carry out the series, considering upscaling the events as they progress throughout the year. Examples may include hosting a neurosurgery art contest, ethics debate, etc. We encourage you to be creative and original with your ideas, and do note that the primary audience for these initiatives are high school students/undergraduates. Please also specify the months during which each initiative would occur (e.g. art contest carried out during the month of August, from planning, to execution, to judging). (Max. 300 words).

Partnership Development:

1. Hypothetical: Pretend you are trying to get the president of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) to partner with the IYNA on the webinar you outlined previously in this application. Create and upload a two minute video of your “pitch” as to why they should engage in this partnership. Please address said SfN president directly in your video.

Upload Video

Content Developer: 

4. Please upload a PDF of your undergraduate transcript. 

Upload PDF

Check-Off Statements

Please carefully read through the following statements to confirm your understanding of this application. 

After hitting the submit button, please wait until you are taken to a new page which confirms your submission.

An error occurred. Please double check your responses.

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